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This Course Has Three Major Goals

  1. Share the fundamentals of fundraising for startups.
  2. Walk you through the Fundraising Readiness Assessment process.
  3. Create more productive conversations between you and your investors.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • The first video in each topic combines all the lessons of that topic together.
  • Each topic is taught personally by Alex Chompff, Executive Director.
  • Each lesson has additional resources meant to help you learn and achieve.
  • The course starts out quite simple, but will grow in complexity as you near the end.
  • We want your feedback! Email any questions or comments you may have to [email protected]

Mobile Users

  • You must hit the HOME button after the main video to continue on to the next topic.
  • Otherwise, you will automatically be presented with each sub-lesson in turn.

A Word Regarding Quizzes

  • You may find some of the quiz questions and their answers seem to be fine-grained (fine grained: detailed, in-depth, or involving fine detail).
  • Quizzes reflect the expertise of Alex Chompff and the Evolution Acceleration team. Answers reflect what does and does not work in the real world. As such, they are meant to challenge your understanding.
  • Being fine-grained in your understanding of fundraising result in more productive conversations with prospective investors.
  • Quizzes in this course are meant to help you follow the content, and to begin thinking about situations like a successful founding fundraiser.

A Word Regarding Additional Materials

  • We provide links to additional resources throughout the course. Some of those resources have paywalls. We are recommending them because in our opinion they are valuable. Evolution does not receive compensation for referrals.

About Your Instructor

About Evolution Accelerator

Evolution Accelerator is a venture-studio. We do quite a bit of strategic engagement. We also directly invest from time to time. 

Everyone at Evolution is an operator. It's a requirement. By operators, we mean that we form our own investable companies, putting our own time and money on the line to build startups into growth companies.

When Evolution directly invests, and we're often first money in, we allow portfolio CEOs complete freedom of operation, and support them in whatever way we can to help. Very often help includes free office space, access to markets, support for follow-on funding and so forth.

Our broader network includes a lot of talented people, and we try to make sure everyone is vested in outcomes.

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